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I have had a serious sewing habit all of my life, so imagine my delight when, upon taking up sailing with Matthew, I discovered that boats have unlimited potential for sewing projects! Since my first winch-covers for Penny, I have upgraded my sewing machine to a Sailrite, and learned about all kinds of fabrics and threads suitable for boat projects. I also joined boat-sewing groups, and have posted a few of my projects there. Now I think it is time to start consolidating the pictures and instructions to share with other boat-sewers and to leave myself a trail to follow, should I ever want to repeat a project. Here goes, in no particular order:

Christmas Gifts for the Captain:

His own personalized shopping bag, just for the fun of it. My sister-in-law has an embroidery machine, and is always willing to help out with my projects.

1-2015-12-29 20.14.57

Quilting Practice:

I plan to make Matthew a “Runner’s Quilt” out of all his running bibs that were previously proudly displayed on our refrigerator door at home, but must now fit on a boat somehow…making a lap quilt for him seems like a good solution (everything on a boat must serve more than one purpose)

I have only ever made one quilt, and it was many years ago. So I decided to start small, and using some leftover bits, made a sampler in order to get a bit of practice before launching into the big project. I was so pleased with how it turned out, I made it into a cushion.


4-2016-01-27 11.54.24 5-2016-01-27 11.54.36


The Drogue Project:

That one has its own two-part blog with instructions, Part 1 and Part 2.

After the first season on the boat, I took it home to make some improvements. In order to fit in the locker, the bundle needed to be a bit shorter. It also needed some much more substantial handles. The final touch was to add its name in bright contrasting white letters, and a bit of reflective tape, in order to make it easy to find and identify in the kind of conditions under which it might be wanted. Here is the final version:

2-2016-01-06 12.31.06

Phifertex Pockets:

Love this stuff! Very sturdy, water runs right out of it, and it is easy to work with. Made pockets to the Captain’s specifications, with a place for each thing he wants at hand (now if he would just put those things back in their appropriate pockets once he has used them 🙂

7-2015-08-30 10.03.28 1-2015-08-30 09.47.09 9-2015-08-30 10.04.10


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2 thoughts on “Starting a Sewing Projects Page

  1. I am very impressed! Where do you get the phifertex??

    Hope you’ve had (are having??) a good winter…

    Anna Mallin

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