Finishing the Series Drogue

Our Christmas jigsaw puzzle sometimes drags into January, this year, the drogue project did likewise.  The task of tying the cones to the line was a long one, 744 knots later we are done.

2015-01-17 11.52.05



Since our last post I have reinforced the splices with whipping and I have whipped the thimbles to the line.  Nylon is stretchy and the line I used also has a bit of construction stretch so I wanted to protect the thimbles from the eye opening up under high loads.


Kathleen has sewn the drogue bag.  The bag is designed to allow the drogue to deploy without tangles.  We test loaded the drogue into the bag to see how it works and to clean up the living room.

2015-01-17 12.19.57


Fully packed, the drogue is big but manageable for one person to move.  We need to add 20lbs of chain as an anchor, but it will all fit in the bag.


2015-01-17 12.28.32

Detail of the finished splice with a thimble.

2015-01-17 12.28.45



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