Runner’s Quilt update

Well, I achieved my objective of getting the quilt built and put away until the trip, before spring launch and the start of all those other boat projects.

The build was fun, like a jigsaw puzzle. No two bibs were the same size, so the surrounding pieces were all different too. By the time I fit them all on, the quilt size had grown to almost a full twin bed size blanket, so Matthew asked me to expand it from a lap-quilt to a full blanket for the single berths in the salon. I did this by adding the navy border top and bottom, and making the binding of the same fabric, so it will look like a frame when it is all together.

DSC00193 (1)

The instructions said to mark all the quilting patterns on the fabric before assembling the backing and batting, so I made another trip to the Quilt shop for supplies. I cut out templates of running-themed designs, and traced them on using magic pens that you erase with your steam iron after. ┬áThen using the spray-on glue, I assembled the layers and basted it every 6″ to hold it all together. All that is left to do now is the hand-quilting, which is my winter project for next year. Looking forward to those long evenings relaxing at anchor in the warm Caribbean waters with my quilting project to keep me happily sewing.

2016-04-11 14.54.28

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