Bringing Mementos aboard

In such a small living space, there is no room for useless knicknacks or mementos, everything has to serve a useful purpose. So, as we are clearing out the land-base, what to do with all those runner’s bibs that adorn our refrigerator door? Can’t bear to part with them, but what use are they, other than for sentimental value? The answer: a lap quilt, for those cool evenings on board when a little blanket over your legs makes relaxing in the salon so much more comfortable. The runner’s bibs can continue to be favourite mementos, while serving a useful purpose aboard!


First step:  After some research, I found fabric sheets that allowed me to use our home printer to copy the bibs onto fabric suitable for sewing. Not cheap (about $3/sheet) but easy to use and look great.



The search for colourful scraps of cotton to surround the bibs gave me extra incentive to clear out my sewing-room closet, killing two birds with one stone. Just look at all those empty cubbies now!



Then it was on to blocking the quilt. Lots of fun, since the bibs were not standard sizes, and I had varying sizes of fabric scraps to work with. Like building a jigsaw puzzle. I am very pleased with the way it looks so far.¬†Still lots of work to do, putting together the layers of batting and backing, then of course all the hand-quilting. That will be my next winter project while living aboard Kinship. Watch for future updates…

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