A clean ship is a happy ship

As Kinship is going to be our new home next season, I have been doing what the Captain affectionately refers to as “nesting”… cleaning out cupboards and planning where things will go. There is a locker in the forepeak that I have been eying as the perfect spot for my sewing machine. Except that it is full to overflowing with cleaning products of every sort, and I have to admit to being rather intimidated by them.  I quickly discovered that it contained specialized cleaning products to clean things I didn’t even know I had, and/or never imagined would have to be cleaned. The previous owner must have kept a mighty clean ship. I finally took it all home and went through the inventory…

1-43 Saga Kinship 092

Who knew you had to clean your fenders? or your bilge?2015-11-28 14.06.23

Don’t ask about the Bird & Spider Droppings cleaner – I already had to learn about that for cleaning up all the dead spider and fly guts this summer (blech)!

2015-11-28 14.07.09

But Aerospace Protectant? Can Kinship fly? I guess I wasn’t that far off when I jokingly referred to learning to sail her as “learning to fly the space shuttle”. And how about Magic Wadding Polish? I have three cans of that, so it must be important – maybe it’s the magic that makes it so Kinship can fly, and it only works if well polished? And both wax and polish for metal? really? the last time I did that was when I was a little girl, and my mother had me polish my grandmother’s fine silverware! Modern women don’t do silverware!

2015-11-28 14.08.18

2015-11-28 14.08.42

After my rationalizing exercise, I am left with one bag of the normal kitchen/bathroom/laundry stuff that I recognize. The rest will get deep-sixed in some hidden corner. And when the Captain decides his fenders/bilges/metal/magic wadding need cleaning or polishing, I will be sure to tell him where he can find just the product he can use for that!

2015-11-28 14.05.39


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2 thoughts on “A clean ship is a happy ship

  1. Hi Guys, I also am a clean nut but I keep all my cleaning products in the forpeak, above the chain locker. I designed the radar/dingy arch on a napkin. Alan Poole paid for it when I put down a deposit on a 43 back in October 1998.
    We still live aboard here in Stamford CT.

    • Hi Marc,

      Thanks for the idea about using the locker above the chain locker, we have been slowly clearing it out and had not thought about what we would put there. All we need now is the right sized bin.

      I wonder where that napkin is today? It should be framed and on the wall in Doug’s shop, Saga owners are keeping him busy after all this time and it all started with your sketch.


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