Pulling the trigger

Today was a big day, there was a large sucking sound coming from our bank as the money wired its way to the broker in Annapolis.  No turning back, we jumped, we committed, we did it. There is a mix of excitement, tension and action as we sign the acceptance, arrange insurance, make sure we did actually pay the deposit for our new slip in Kingston’s Confederation Basin.   Mike Preveti did a great job on the survey and dealing with the details and together with Bob Perry’s advice we are happy we have a good boat.  The next step is to find out what we will call Kinship when she gets her Canadian registration. Attention then turns to getting as much as possible done before we have to launch both our boats in the spring.  We are going to be busy.

photo 1

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One thought on “Pulling the trigger

  1. In the Name That Boat Game, Matthew has already ruled out the two suggestions from the Holmes clan…add an S in front of the current name, or re-name her the Loonie (way more $$$ than the Penny, and what we are for embarking on this scheme:-). So maybe she will be the Kinship I ? Have to wait and see what Transport Canada approves…

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