Reflecting on Retirement

While it’s true I have been “retired” for a whole year now, it is finally starting to look and feel like the real thing.


As Matthew mentioned in his post “Being Here”, we have been working on this big project called “sailing off to the Caribbean” for several years, and this past year was an especially busy one with all the preparations. The stress of that took its toll on me, and by the time we were done with the rally, I was pretty much “done” myself. So we took some much-needed R&R, tucked away in a secluded little bay in the North Sound off Virgin Gorda. Surrounded by forested hills on three sides, and nothing but the ocean all the way to Africa on the open end, we had this lovely piece of tropical paradise to ourselves, the only boat in the bay. We slept, ate, swam and read – just what was needed to re-charge our batteries.

I am finally feeling retired now, and am ready to start reaping the rewards of all that hard work.

Peaceful evening in Deep Bay

Peaceful evening in Deep Bay

A short dinghy-ride to stretch our legs on the beach revealed that there used to be a resort here, but it is now closed. Interesting to go for a walk and poke around in the abandoned beach bar. Falling down umbrellas and palm-frond littered the beach. The beach toys are all still there, volleyball net, boules and a surprisingly intact chess set – very odd indeed. 


Chess on the beach, anyone?

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2 thoughts on “Reflecting on Retirement

  1. I am so happy for you. I feel your heart in your post! Highs and lows are a part of this adventure. Time to take a breath a feel the moments!!

  2. Hey Sis, your adventures are very inspiring to those of us who are dreaming and preparing our next adventure in life. Yesterday as I was hiking in the snow up here on chili beach, I was thinking of you guys knowing you were having the time of your life. Go sis go!
    On another note, since you are a newbie radio operator I figured you may need a call sign. May I suggest VE3 BVI. It has a nice ring to it Eh! CQ later 🙂

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