Live-aboard version of sewing room

REally nice view in my new temporary sewing room

Really nice view in my new temporary sewing room

One thing I like is that a boat provides an endless variety of sewing projects. Unfortunately it doesn’t provide much space to do them in, so this week, while we are docked at Loyalist Cove Marina, I am taking advantage of their community room, and have set it up as my new, temporary sewing room. It has lots more space to work in. Having tried setting up in the cockpit aboard Kinship, I knew that worked only for small mending jobs. I really needed some table space, and the ability to leave everything set up for a few days. Their  “Crow’s Nest”  is just perfect.

dsc00474 dsc00481

I have finally been able to get to those bigger canvass projects, like adding a window to the bimini, and finishing up the new companionway cover. Still too hot to need it yet, but I am sure it will be appreciated once autumn arrives on the Erie Canal and through New York.

Watch for our departure blog, coming within days!!!



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