Two Bikes Went for a Ride…

The Bromptons have not been ashore for a month or so, not since we left the BVI’s. The Islands we have been visiting since have not been very cycle-friendly, that is until we reached St. Kitt’s and Nevis.

On the southern part of St. Kitt’s we found a lovely new road, that was flat and freshly asphalted, and that took us around a salt pond and all the way to the coffee shop at the newly developing super-yacht docks at Christophe Harbour.

 Nevis was even better. Shaped like a sombrero, it has lower, flatter land all around Mount Nevis, and our cruising guide said it was possible to cycle around the whole island in half a day. So we loaded the bikes into the dinghy and went ashore for some exploring. The first hour was not as flat as they had led us to believe, we gained some 250 metres of altitude, which in this heat, was quite challenging. Our reward at the top was a delicious lunch at Golden Rock, a former sugar-cane plantation turned restaurant. The plantation manor, built in the early 1800’s, and the grounds around it, have been beautifully restored. We ate in the shade on a patio surrounded by manicured lawns and gardens, with a spectacular view all the way down to the sea. The food and service were great too.

Full and refreshed, we set off for the downhill part of the ride, through picturesque villages, with views of the sea all the way. We were delighted to see our first wind farm. And of course we had to check out the airport, but it was nothing special – a great long runway with no hills, or big drops off to the sea, or any other thrilling features.

That’s not to say that the ride back was dull or without adventure. Matthew’s Brompton provided enough entertainment, requiring repair to a punctured rear tire no less than 5 times! He had to keep adding patches on patches, since we discovered a serious omission in our repair kit, no spare tube. 

Repair number five finally held till we got back to the boat. It must have been because of all the assistance we received from some local school children. Thanks, kids.



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