And The Show Begins…

We are sitting on a mooring ball in Annapolis harbour, waiting for the official start of the Annapolis Boat Show on Thursday. But in the meantime, the activity in the harbour is a show all in itself. It is a beehive of activity as the tents go up, the extra docks are put into place,



and the fancy yachts arrive to fill them.


Enjoying the sunset aboard Kinship. You can see the tents off to the right. We are a short dinghy ride from the boat show. Going to be a fun weekend.


Drying Out in Annapolis

The last week or so we have had all sorts of weather ranging from breezy and very damp to very windy and pouring down. The boat is damp, lines are sodden and the humidity was so high, it was raining out of the air. But here we are now, in Annapolis on a mooring ball in the “Front Forty” right in the centre of town. The boat show is being built right in front of us and the sun is out.

Our view today, I will do another when the show is up and running.

The weather has improved, the rain has stopped and the sun is out. Every port on the boat is open as we dry out and relax.

Our trip down from Delaware City, a place to spend a day or two, but not four was uneventful, wet, rainy but not enough wind to sail without motor sailing. The rain we suffered over the last week was over a very wide area and was enough to raise the water level in Annapolis by 2+ feet causing minor flooding

Kids were playing in the water in the hope of getting on the news

2016-10-01-18-44-44 2016-10-01-18-44-48

With the sun today, the racers were out, gaggles of Opti’s passing us during the day


We plan to be here for the next 10 days or so, if you are at the show feel free to get in touch.