It was a dark and stormy weekend…

Torrential rains and high winds kept us moored to the docks on Saturday. The same weather put a serious damper on our Beer Buds friends’ plans to enjoy the Craft Beer and Ribfest in downtown Kingston. So we invited the gang to dry off and enjoy a brew below decks, creating our own craft beer festival aboard Kinship (now also known as Sinship)


Doug did his duty serving up the Dark & Stormys. A great afternoon/evening was had by all.


Thanks to Angela, Bendy, Doug, Denise, Sheron and Elise for the great company.


Sunday we took advantage of a brief weather window to try sailing, triple-reefed. It wasn’t dark, but it sure felt stormy, with high winds and lots of wave action. Spray was flying, no one was spared a good soaking.

2015-09-13 11.05.36

Captain Ben at the helm, with his slightly green first mate Wendy at his side.

2015-09-13 11.04.03

We had a great sail, before the rain chased us back in. A memorable weekend indeed!