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Splicing and rope work are part of sailing culture, for hundreds of years, marlinspike seamanship was an essential part of keeping the ship shipshape.  A desire for self-sufficiency or just an interesting skill, there are many reasons we learn.  Rope work is easy to learn and building lines for your boat saves both time and money. Modern ropes allow us to build lines to replace wire with no loss of strength.  Soft shackles replace knots and metal shackles in a wide range of applications. Below is a collection of links and information that I have found useful in my journey, thanks go to Hugh McGugan for expanding this collection.  The internet has made finding information on splicing very easy, there are lots of videos and instruction sheets for all kinds of projects, Google is your friend.

The slides from the Nepean Sailing Club workshop on 18th March 2015 are here: Intro to Splicing



  • Selma Fids – easiest fids to use for most line, Samson Tubular fids work better for some line – nylon for example.
  • Brion Toss Splicing Wand  great tool, makes burying covers easier.  While you are there take a look around Brion’s catalog. lots of nice tools.
  • Knife – I use an 18mm Olfa with Ultra Sharp Blades, others swear by a nice riggers knife with a ceramic blade, I am too cheap.




How to videos


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