Blogs we follow


Distant Shores – Paul and Sheryl Shard

Just a little Further – Marcie and David on Nine of Cups

Turf to Surf  / Chase the Story

59 North – Andy and Mia

Sail Pandora  (Pandora is now a Aerodyne 47 but until 2015 was a Saga 43)

The Archer Fan Club  Rick and Julie who used to own a Saga 48 called Altair

Sailing on Saga 43s

Considering only about 54 or 55 Saga 43s were built, there are a lot of blogs out there, here are the ones we have found.

S/V Saving Grace  Mark and Liz

Ocean Forest Voyaging Sail training on a Saga 43 in the waters around Vancouver Island BC.

With Water Below  Carl and Ardys on Northern Star

ILENE the Boat

Sail Firecracker

Essence Victoria A photo blog featuring S/V Andorinha sailing on the Canadian west coast

Carl and Marilyn’s Web Site – Sailing Adventure on board Discovery.  Discovery now has new owners, but this is a great resource

John and Carla on Reverie

Doug and Maureen on Sophrosyne

S/V Taniwha

Legacy Sailing

Folks from Ottawa

Catherine and Henry on Mowzer

Ross and Diana on One White Tree

Maryl and Phill on Water Music – home now, but a good read.

Dan and Cath on White Pearl

Becoming a Sailor

Ruth and Geoff on Geru – currently on the hard but planning to leave again.

People we met along the way – 2016-17

Brad and Julie on Estrella Del Sur

Ruth and Carey on RC Wings

Dave and Nicki on Off Duty II

Jean and Yolène on Caffe Latte

Merrill and Maryse on Ambition 

Al and Tess on Ingomar

Bas and Agnes on TiSento

Bill and Laurie on Toodle-oo

Gilbert and Diana on Serenada

Bill and Wendy on OverStreet (also from Ottawa)

Baxter and Molly on Terrapin

If you have or know of a blog that might interest us, please leave a comment.


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