Slicing Limes

slicing limes


Lisa and Paul, sailing friends and co-conspirators in living the dream wanted to learn to splice lines.  We spent a lovely evening over a bottle of wine splicing and chatting.  When told about this, Lisa’s friend misheard this as “slicing limes”, so that is what we do now.  Nepean Sailing Club  has a series of winter talks to keep the fires burning over the long winter.  I volunteered to do a talk on splicing for fun thinking we would get 10-15 sailors out and we could learn some splices together.  I chose to show an eye splice and a soft shackle.  This covered double braid and amsteel 12 strand.  The evening was successful, about 40 people turned up and with help from Lisa and Hugh McGugan everyone got to do a splice.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the experience with lots of comments about attacking real projects.  One person mentioned that he was now much happier with the rigging charges at The Chandlery.  We are lucky to have one of the best marine stores in Canada on our doorstep.  The Chandlery generously provided all the line for the participants.

More information can be found on the Spicing and Rigging page.