Kinship I

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Kinship I is a Saga 43, hull number 19, built in St Catharines, Ontario in 1998.

Designed in the late 90s by Robert Perry, Bob’s brief was for a fast, modern cruiser.  The Saga 43 was the first of 4 Saga models, Bob’s Saga 35 and Saga 48 were later joined by the Tony Castro designed Saga 409.



Saga 43 Sail Plan and Cabin Layout



LOD – 43′
LOA – 46′ (w/ 3′ sprit)
LWL – 38’11”
Beam – 12′
Draft – 7′
Disp – 20,000lbs
Design – Robert Perry

The Solent rig has an inner forestay with a self-tacking jib and an outer stay with a reacher/genoa.  The rig is very versatile and allows for a wide range of downwind configurations.

The Saga 43 came in 2 configurations with either a pulman berth or a centreline berth further forward.  Kinship is a pulman layout.  On Kinship, the forward head has been converted to a storage area. reducing the complexity of the boat and removing a number of through-hulls.

The Saga 43 has a narrow beam and rounded bilges making her a little tender initially due to reduced form stability.  Once loaded up, she settles into a a nice groove as the primary stability takes over.  Kinship has a “6’6″ mid draft keel” with a shoe which improves upwind performance, today she draws about 7ft.   The long waterline means we can keep pace with larger boats, making her ideal for our planned cruising.

Detail specifications from Saga are here


Saga Resources:

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