Pearl – Our Tesla Model 3

We bought Pearl in July 2019, she is a Model 3 Standard Range +.

In 2019, we realized that we needed a second vehicle. We were sharing in a lot of family care-giving duties (sick and ageing relatives), so sharing a car with Kath’s sister made sense, and Alice was well suited for that job. We would then like our other car to have enough range to get to our regular out-of-town destination, Prince Edward County, on a single charge. The Tesla Model 3 fit the bill, and Alice got a new sister, Pearl.

Here are a few key facts about the car:

Power – 205kW or 275 bhp

Torque – 280lb-ft

0-100km – 5.2 seconds

Battery – 50kWh

Range – 385km

The SR+ is the slowest and shortest range Tesla available. That said it is, by far the quickest car I have ever owned. To put this into context, this family sedan accelerates faster than a Ferrari Testarossa supercar from the 80s.

The Model 3 is a great car for long journeys. We have covered close to 50,000km in the 18 months we have owned the car.

Pearl’s travels – September 2019 to January 2021

The map above from TeslaFi shows where we have been. The first summer is missing, we went to New Hampshire and Vermont on our first road trip.

The trip to Austin and New Orleans was done in January 2020 over 2 weeks.

During the 2019 Federal election campaign Pearl served as Elizabeth May’s transportation for special events such as the debates. The contrast between Elizabeth arriving silently in an EV contrasted with the diesel buses the other leaders chose.

Of course, this being a Tesla, I could watch the debates while I waited in the car.

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