We are Matthew and Kathleen, owners of Electric Alice.  We are from Ottawa and we run our own small business focused on technology and business consulting for green projects.  We spent a year living off-grid on a sailboat, traveling to the Caribbean and back in 2016-17 (you can read about that part of our lives in our Two Bikes and a Boat blog). Upon returning from the trip, we were determined not to rely on gas powered transportation ever again. That is when we purchased our first electric car, which we named Electric Alice. In 2019, we added to our fleet, purchasing a new Tesla Model 3, which we named Pearl.

In 2020 we relocated home and business to Picton, Prince Edward County. When we were only regular visitors to the County, we discovered that there was just one public EV fast charging station here, the Chargepoint station located at 55 King Street. So we decided to make our new Tesla destination charger, with a CCS adapter, available to all EV drivers in the County. It is located at 27 Picton Main Street. You can also find it on PlugShare, and we welcome residents and visitors alike.

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