Visitors on a Saga



A few weeks ago we had a visit from Mark and Liz on Saving Grace, a Saga 43 based in Toronto.  Mark and Liz have been living aboard for a few years and at long last are head out on their adventure.  The plan to spend the summer in the Maritimes and then head out to the Bahamas for the winter.  Mark, Liz and their crew Sam arrived in Kingston for a couple of days of sightseeing and relaxing before heading off down the St Lawrence.  Saving Grace and Kinship were docked next to each other and it was great to see 2 Sagas together.

It was a great reminder for Kathleen and I that eventually you get through the to-do list, or at least the important things on the list and then you can leave.  Mark and Liz are going to have a great time and you can follow along on their great blog by clicking the screenshot below.


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