A salute to VE3 EBI

Among the many courses taken in preparation for our journey, I had completed a radio communication course, where I learned about marine radio protocol and brushed up on the phonetic alphabet. It sure came in handy on the passage, and brought back memories of my Dad working the net in his Ham radio shack at home – CQ CQ CQ, this is Victor Echo Three Echo Bravo India. Miss you Dad – you’d be proud of me now, carrying on the tradition!


The Caribbean 1500 Rally has a twice daily radio net. It was a great way to stay connected with the other boats, to feel you weren’t “alone out there”. It even proved that old-school is cool when our satellite email system didn’t come through with the weather on the first day. We soon had that working, but continued following the net for the routing information, to hear how the other boats were faring, and for the chat, which included “fish stories” and the “motto of the day”, my favourite being “Cruising on a sailboat is the most expensive way to travel 3rd class”.

We are off to the Caribbean

After 2 years hard work and a week spent on final preparation in Portsmouth Va, we are finally on our way to the British Virgin Islands.

You can follow us at http://yb.tl/c1500_2016 There are two fleets, you want the Caribbean 1500, not ARC Bahamas. Kinship is listed in the fleet, click on the boat name to highlight our current position and track.

We will be at sea for 10 to 12 days with little contact with land.  We do have a satphone and SSB so if you need to contact us urgently, call the Rally office at  1 757-788-8872.